Panda Case for Airpods

Panda Case for Airpods

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Keeping your AirPods Protected is ESSENTIAL and should be FUN... Meet Panda Case

  • Panda Charges.
  • Protects.
  • Travels.
  • Panda IS the PERFECT GIFT.

Panda Case protects your AirPods A perfect snug fit for your AirPods.


Panda Case Charges Your AirPods. Connect your charger and let Panda give you a boost! No need to remove your AirPods from the case. Panda has precision cutout to your AirPod charging Port.  

Panda Case is Travel Friendly & The Perfect Gift Panda is THE gift for Panda lovers! Panda goes where you go. Pandas' convenient clip snaps on to a book-bag, key-chain, pant loop. With drop protection. 

 Panda Case & Your AirPods? Yup...