• Tips: To install your wireless cable to your streaming device, first plug the USB end (larger end of the cable) to the back of the television and the smaller end into the side of the fire stick. Once those two are connected, the fire stick or other streaming device (Roku, Chromecast, etc) also gets connected directly into the HDMI port into your television.
    • If you choose you may also use the dongle included with your firestick or other streaming device to connect to the device and then into the back of the television’s HDMI port.
  • Once all of the attachments are connected power on your television. If for any reason your streaming device does not power one, please try the following:
    • Power your television off and then on again
    • Disconnect and reconnect the streaming device from the back of the television
    • Make sure that you choose the right input source. Look on the back of the television and locate which HDMI port your device is plugged into and match that to the input source on your television. (Example: if your device is plugged into HDMI port 1 your television input source should also be on 1)
  • Additionally, some televisions are not always compatible with our base wireless cable and does not give off enough power to properly run the streaming device. Usually our upgraded version of the wireless cable which has a thicker gage cable that draws more power from the television’s USB
  • Once all is connected enjoy watching your television wireless and free of messy hanging wires!
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