GuideLine Pro - Beard Shaping Tool - INSTRUCTIONS

GuideLine Pro is the ultimate beard & mustache shaping tool. Use with a beard trimmer or razor for a perfectly symmetrical beard, every shave.

Maximize GuideLine Pro's full potential, each feature of GuideLine Pro was designed to perform a specific function;

The numbered design allows you to quickly step thru your shave and finish with a perfectly symmetrical beard.

The bottom handle provides the perfect grip to be securely held in place while trimming your beard & mustache.

The products transparency allows for exact placement and beard symmetry. 


Grab a razor or beard trimmer & GuideLine Pro to shave the perfectly symmetrical beard!


* Use the products' transparency to determine the best position against your face. 
* Use the products' flexibility to contour to your cheek, this will allow you to shave an exact line. 
* Use the products's thin design to allow your trimmers or razor to transition from your face to GuideLine Pro, creating extremely precise lines. 

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Step 1 - TOP OF BEARD (use the edge labeled "1" as seen above)

A) Simply position GuideLine against the top of your beard to determine where you would like your beard line. 
B) Once positioned, hold GuideLine firmly in place and use your beard trimmer or razor to cut the hair above the guideline you've created. 
B) Repeat this step on the opposite side of your face to cut a perfectly symmetrical line. 


Step 2 - NECK LINE (use the edge labeled "2")

A) Position the edge labeled "2" against the bottom of your beard. This will allow you to shave your neck line. 
B) Repeat this step on your opposite side of your neck. 


Step 3 - MUSTACHE (use the edge labeled "3")

A) Position GuideLine against the top of your mustache to determine where you would like your mustache line.
B) Cut the hair above the guideline you've created.


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